Renovated UNON JMS Clinic Re-opened

( Nairobi, 20 November 2015 ). UNON today ( 20 Nov 2015 ) officially opened the renovated UN Joint Medical service unit. The expanded and renovated facility offers increased space which includes a spacious reception area, fully monitored recovery and preparation areas, fully equipped procedure rooms, a modern cleaning and processing area, staff lounge, reporting room, and storage rooms.

unon_dg_cutting_ribbonIn her opening remarks the Director General Ms. Sahle Work-Zewde thanked the team that worked tirelessly to ensure that UNON has a modern medical facility.“The facility will ensure adequate medical response in case of emergency and will advance occupational health safety management of the staff”. She said.



The UN Joint Medical service is an occupational health unit that is responsible for medical clearances for new appointments, travel clearances including vaccination and issues of occupational health.jms_demonstrating

It also offers a drop in service for advice and treatment. The clinic is a frontline partner in UNON's battle for greater awareness and tolerance of HIV-positive staff, to whom it offers counselling and medical advice as well as access to free anti-retroviral treatment and managing HIV &AIDS global database.





News article courtesy of UNIC

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